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Gotland Ship 1225 AD Sweden
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Port view of Gotland ship.
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Note mast support post in front of the mast itself.


Year: 1225 AD
Category: Medieval
Vessel Type: Merchant Ship
Scale: 1/12" = 1 foot
Overall Length: 80 feet

This ship sailed from the large island of Gotland off the Swedish coast in the early 1200's A.D. She was the first ship known to have a stern rudder.

Plans and information were made possible by Bjorn Landstrom of Sweden and Robert Gleason of Washington State.

This carving has a split hull with the bottom half being of ebony wood and the top being ivory. The decorative ends on the stem and stern posts were removable so that dragon head carvings could be placed there during wartime.

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The half loop atop masthead is to fly a flag or banner from.
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Clinker style planking that is carved and then scrimshawed.
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Early capstan used to raise anchors.
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Early windlass abaft the mast to raise yardarm .

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