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Egyptian warship " Lioness of Thebes " 1190 BC
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Port view of the ship showing the ventilated bulwark that allowed oars to operate and yet offered protection for the oarsmen from enemy arrows.
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Starboard profile - Lioness of Thebes

Lioness of Thebes

Year: 1190 BC
Category: Ancient
Vessel Type: Warship
Scale: 1/8" = 1 foot
Overall Length: 96 feet

Ramses III of Egypt's 20th Dynasty is usually regarded as the last great King of Egypt. He was successful in repelling a major invasion of Egypt by the "sea-peoples". The "Lioness of Thebes" was one of many ships he fitted for battle to protect his country. The scrimshawed figures on the ship are images of Egyptian war Gods and Goddesses from Egyptian mythology.

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Stern castle with steering oar and scrimshaw work depicting the war Gods and Goddesses painted on the ship by the Egyptians.
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Lioness on front was carved with a man's head in its' jaws as was on the real ship.
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Forecastle offered archers protection while shooting.
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Carved ivory crows' nest .

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