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Egyptian courier-warship 1790 BC
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Starboard profile of " Pharaoh's Runner "
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Port view of this Egyptian courier-warship of 1790 BC .

Pharaoh's Runner

Year: 1790 BC
Category: Ancient
Vessel Type: Warship
Scale: 1/8" = 1 foot
Overall Length: 96 feet

A late 12th Dynasty ship, this Nile watercraft would serve as a courier-warship for Pharaoh. This ship would carry news and urgent messages through the Nile Valley and was integral to national security. In addition, it could ferry a military troop or a diplomatic liaison where needed.

Shown here with its mast in the down position, it made its' record runs under power of the 32 oarsmen. The deck planks near the outer rail would be removed and the cross beams would serve as seats for the oarsmen. Rowing was done with oars strapped to the rail with sturdy leather straps tied through the holes seen in the rail. These leather oarlocks actually served the purpose and worked well. The oars have not been created for this carving because the carver felt oars disturb the sleekness of the vessel and detract from this beauty. The purpose of the unusual prow piece remains a mystery to Egyptologists.

The mast is shown in the down position. It would only serve to help when traveling upstream on the Nile. This ship was likely under oar power most of the time it was in service.

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The purpose of the prow piece seen at the very front remains a mystery to Egyptologists
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Steering oar was probably for when the ship was under sail and not used while under oar power.
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