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HMS Endeavor
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Portside HMS Endeavor
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Bluff bowed and full bodied , this ship was very slow but very steady.


Year: 1768 AD
Category: Modern
Vessel Type: Warship
Scale: 1/16" = 1 foot
Overall Length: 159 feet

This ship was used by Captain James Cook in his first voyage of exploration in the Pacific. From 1768 to 1771, Cook and his men extensively explored the Pacific basin and discovered New Zealand, Australia, and many island groups.

In addition to a regular ships' crew he carried a contingency of botanists, zoologists, astronomers, geologists, cartographers, and artists. This was a highly skilled team of the leading scientists of the day who were working across a variety of disciplines to explore this new part of the world and to record every aspect of it for the scientific community.

While registered as a Naval ship this vessel was hand picked for this voyage by Captain Cook. It was a collier (coal ship) that was built to haul coal from Scotland to London. Cook knew the reliability, cargo capacity, and seaworthiness of this type craft and knew it was ideal for his 3 year expedition.

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Ivory deck has been dyed brown.
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The ships' boats included one from a wealthy botanist who used it often to reach specimen on islands.
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The flat faced bow afforded great cargo capacity and steadiness but also very slow speed.
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