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Huntress of Athens
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Starboard view of Huntress of Athens 330 BC
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Portside of warship Huntress of Athens - 330 BC

Huntress of Athens

Year: 330 BC
Category: Ancient
Vessel Type: Warship
Scale: 1/8" = 1 foot
Overall Length: 120 feet

The warship developed in the Mediterranean and the Greeks developed the ultimate warship known as the "Trireme" where 170 oarsmen worked an oar each, at 3 different levels on the ship. The top level of oarsmen were called Thranites with 31 oars per side. The middle level were known as Zygites with 27 oarsmen per side and the lower level of men were called Thalamites, also with 27 men per side.

The Ships were manned by well paid free citizens who were enlisted in the Navy and serving their country. It is a myth that slaves worked ancient oared warships.

The throne type seat positioned aft was occupied by the "Trierarch" or commander of the ship. The Greeks selected the wealthiest men to serve as Trierarchs as they reasoned these men had the most to lose should a war or battle be lost. It was thought that this provided ample natural incentive for them to do their best in being victorious over an enemy.

This carving has been created with the complete inner framework containing all of the various deck levels, planking and seating arrangements as was on the original craft.

Plans and information furnished by renown Trireme scholars Morrison & Coates of the United Kingdom.

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Trierarch's seat or throne
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Greek eye on the prow . Red areas are of oil paint.
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The ram on the front was of cast bronze on the real ships.
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Top deck was for marines who fought and/or troop transport purposes.
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Helmsmen and Trierarch area.
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170 oarsmen total , operating on three different levels.
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