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Whaling ship Josephine
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Port view of Josephine
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Copper plating seen below waterline was to repel invertabrates ( barnacles and worms ).


Year: 1877 AD
Category: Modern
Vessel Type: Merchant Ship
Scale: 1/16 inch = 1 foot
Overall Length: 198 feet

Josephine was a very sleek and pretty whaling ship that was built in Bath, Maine in 1877. She sailed the world harvesting whales and rendering their fat into oil. Amidships you will see the brick fireplace and the "trypots" where the blubber was boiled down into oil. Abaft the trypots is the carpenters' bench where the carpenter put together the knocked down barrels that held the newly rendered oil.

Josephine served the US whaling industry for over three decades; she was then sold to Chilean interests. She was lost at sea, with all hands, in a violent storm in 1919.

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Helm area and Captain's cabin
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Whaleboat with mast/sail and oars.
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Tryworks on left under roofed area with chimneys through roof.

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