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Yassi Ada
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Portside of Yassi Ada
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Starboard profile of Yassi Ada

Yassi Ada

Year: 650 AD
Category: Medieval
Vessel Type: Merchant Ship
Scale: 1/8" = 1 foot
Overall Length: 63 feet

This ship dates from the seventh century A.D. It was recovered by an underwater archaeological team in 1961 off the coast of Turkey.

Yassi Ada spent her days serving a leading merchant in the Byzantine Empire. In the 7th century, Byzantium was under attack from Persia to the east, Barbarian tribes to the north, and Islamic armies from the east and south. Only a stout General & Emperor, Heraclius, managed to keep Byzantium as the Christian stronghold which protected Europe from these factions.

Even in the midst of war, trade went on and ship owners dared the piracy and hostility of their world to earn a living at sea. Yassi Ada is a fine example of a trading vessel of her day.

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The building with the red tile roof housed the kitchen.
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The steering oars could both be operated by one man on the central steering platform.
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The anchors were spindly and were part of the archaeological find.
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Heavy thru-beams and longitudinal timbers gave strength to the hull.
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Byzantine cross atop the mast.
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