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Eye of the Sun
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Port view of the cargo ship from Egypt at 2450 BC
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Rear area for family quarters . Middle area for livestock. Front room for dry cargo.

Eye of the Sun

Year: 2450 BC
Category: Ancient
Vessel Type: Merchant Ship
Scale: 1/8" = 1 foot
Overall Length: 70 feet

A Fifth Dynasty cargo vessel the "Eye of the Sun" would sail the Nile carrying a wide variety of cargo for the Egyptian people. Sailing upstream with the wind, the ship would return downstream with the current aided by men with poles and sweeps (long handled oars) operating from the front railing and sides of the ship. The inner cargo area could carry many animals, a common transport, as well as amphora (pottery jugs) of wine, beer, grains, and dried fruits. Other cargo such as tableware, cosmetics, combs, clothing, animal skins, bricks, wood, ivory tusks, and tools have been listed on cargo rosters from ancient Egypt. The helmsman would sit atop the rear building and work the tiller arm to steer the ship. The rear building served as living quarters for the ship's owner and his family.

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Interior cargo area and mast step
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Lower yardarm and cargo hold area
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Egyptian doors had all of the hardware on the inside - giving a strange appearance to us when viewed externally

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