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Portside view of " Pride of Danzig "
Media Assets
Starboard profile " Pride of Danzig "

Pride of Danzig

Year: 1400 AD
Category: Medieval
Vessel Type: Merchant Ship
Scale: 1/12 inch = 1 foot
Overall Length: 105 feet

By the year 1400 the North of Europe was actively engaged in building stronger and faster ships with greater cargo capacity.

In the Pride of Danzig we see the castles are now very much a part of the hull. The anchor cable runs through a hawse pipe at the prow, and the hull itself is strengthened by the addition of support beams and wales on the exterior. We see ratlines (rope ladders) leading to the crow's nest for the first time. Danzig represents the most advanced ship of her day; she sailed as an armed merchant ship for the Hanseatic league from the port city of Danzig, now Gdansk, Poland.

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