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Starboard view of the Royal Ship of Tutankamen.
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Port profile of Royal Ship of Tutankamen.
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Port view of Royal Ship of Tutankamen.

Royal Ship of Tutankamen

Year: 1335 BC
Category: Ancient
Vessel Type: Merchant Ship
Scale: 1/8" = 1 foot
Overall Length: 88 feet

This 88 foot royal yacht was used by Egypt's famous Pharaoh Tutankhamen, who reigned from 1339 to 1327 B.C. .

The hull was highly decorated with large stylized lotus flowers, stripes, squares, and other geometric patterning. The for and aft castles have the royal symbols of the sphinx and the bull carved into their side panels. The deck house has two doors that probably led to two different cabins.

The steps to the roof have been decorated with two neck-tied and bound women prisoners, an Asian (Middle-Eastern) and an African. This was probably a political statement of the Pharaoh's power in dominating enemies from other lands and subjecting their citizenry to slavery on Egyptian soil.

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Unique Egyptian masting and rigging , all carved of ivory.
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Forcastle with highly decorated hull below.
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Aftcastle area with steering oars and decorated hull below.
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Carved heads on steering oar capitals. Wooden on original ship and ivory here.
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Scrimshawed images of the Asian (middle -eastern )and sub-Saharan African slaves on the Pharaoh's royal ship.

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